About the game

After wandering through the galaxy on a colony ship, you finally land on Promision, where you will bring humankind towards new horizons. Build your empire from scratch, colonize new planets. Conquer enemy civilizations or befriend them. Setup extraction and production chains, develope your industry and logistic network, research new technologies. The Heart of Galaxy is waiting for you!


Beautiful Planets: There more than 80 planets to conquer and more are coming soon. Each planet is different in visuals, resources to exploit, researches and new mechanics unlocked.

Resource Management: Extract resources and refine them to produce new materials. Develope your planet industry balancing production chains, meeting energy and efficiency requirements. Different planets produce and consume different resources, so you have to efficiently transport them around your empire.

Missions, Diplomacy, Trading: The galaxy is plenty of other people, humans and non. Discover new civilizations and interact with them peacefully or destroy them all. Civilizations will often ask you to complete missions for them and will unlock different forms for your government. You will gain reputation and befriend them, but doing so will result in making enemy with others. Missions give unique rewards, so choose wisely your side. The Market will allow you to buy and sell resources from others civilizations, provided that you didn't destroy them all.

Combat: Through space fleets battle you can push the borders of your empire further. You will conquer new planets and expand your economy. Show your power in the Tournament and gain experience and unique bonuses.

Research: Research new technology and upgrade your stuff. Science is the most powerful weapon in the universe.

Time Travel: Be one step ahead of your enemies, use time travel to get back to the start keeping your game experience and research.